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Not Your Fantasy © Shino

Being fetishized is not cool. Saying “I always had a thing for girls that *look* like you” is not cool. Stop. Ew. Get away from me.

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Qaw the Raven

This is not my costume! I am posting this because I had a hand in making it, and I had the honor of getting some photos of the completed thing. This year at RMFC I took a real camera with me for the first time to a con. I’m super glad I did, because Qaw was there!! I made the mask and claws for this on commission. The mask was done on a modified base by Crystumes. I sculpted on her crow base to make a raven’s beak, and added faux fur, hand-set about eleventy billion feathers, and hand-set an equal number of boar bristles for the rictal bristles on the beak. I was so super excited to see it in action. It’s delightful to see something I worked on, hopping around!

Qaw stopped by my dealer’s table and attempted to steal the plush gryphon Shard owned by my table-mate Jess Owen (see second to last photo), then kindly allowed me to follow it around for a few impromptu photos! I didn’t have any hand in making the rest of the costume, including the really neat vest and pants. All photos are mine, except for the last one, when I bumped into Qaw while wearing Kinglet, and my husband was able to get a photo.

The very awesome sloth in these photos is Tica. I traced down her FA gallery by searching her name: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tica

Qaw is NOT mine. Photos posted with their permission! Qaw on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/qaw/
And Twitter: https://twitter.com/qawstume

I’m kinda in love with this right now. 

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We’re getting a custom pannier for the Magpie-Cycle. Which of Rachel’s hasty mockups sets your heart aflutter?

I’ll cast the deciding vote!


We’re getting a custom pannier for the Magpie-Cycle. Which of Rachel’s hasty mockups sets your heart aflutter?

I’ll cast the deciding vote!

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What? #ramen #dormfood

What? #ramen #dormfood

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"It’s easy to give little quips of advice that sound great in callout quotes or in 140 characters with a “preach it, sister!” thrown in for good measure. But reality is much more complex."

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Violent Relationships with Dr. Leelia Franck

What looks like a simple “ism” or statistic on the surface can be pulled back to reveal a twisting mass of societal failings.

Injustice for any one human is a danger to us all.

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In honor of the 75th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz movie, a playlist for The Black Brick Road of O.Z.! (They’re mostly Xamag’s songs plus a few of my own to replace the ones I couldn’t find on Spotify.)

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Ok, phew, I think I’ve chastised the web development community enough for not knowing what Homestuck is.

In 20 years, we’re all going to feel like outsiders for all the Homestuck in-jokes and gifs and nostalgia. And we should be paying attention to it now! It’s a BIG DEAL. It will impact what people will want to make with the web. It should impact the tools and resources we’re preparing for the future.

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Ordered this awhile back. Forgot about the gift note I’d left for myself! #miyazaki

Ordered this awhile back. Forgot about the gift note I’d left for myself! #miyazaki

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Rejection stings, at worst it hurts like getting hit in the mouth with a baseball bat.

But everyone experiences rejection, even the people you look up to. Yes, your personal heroes have felt Rejection’s lash many times.

I’ve met many talented, promising young hopefuls who’ve been too scared of rejection to “put themselves out there,” whether it was submitting an idea to a publisher or speaking in front of a crowd about something important to them.

I like to say, “When it hurts inside, that’s your body telling you ‘don’t do that again.’” And for the most part that’s true: when you let someone down, you hurt inside because you’ve failed yourself and others. Pain is a great teacher, and emotional pain is your body thwacking you on the nose with a rolled up newspaper: Study harder! Don’t forget mom’s birthday! Take better care of your body!

But there are times when your body doesn’t know what’s good for it.

When it comes to risking a bit of your pride for a chance to be accepted, to make things happen, the possibility of Rejection is a small price to pay to take that gamble. Pride costs you nothing but that bitter sting.

What happens when you get rejected. She says no, she’s busy. Your boss doesn’t give you the raise because funds are tight. You get a thanks-but-no-thanks form letter. And what happens? The world still turns. You still draw breath. And you’re alive to fight another day.

When you feel that bitter tinge at Rejection, it’s your body’s natural defense mechanism looking out for you: augh, don’t put yourself in that position again! Don’t fail again! But your body is being stupid. It doesn’t understand what it takes to succeed.

All success stories start when our heroes pick themselves up out of the mud and try again from a different angle.

So please, the next time you hurt inside after being Rejected, after not being accepted, remember that it’s a misplaced pain and that you’re only a failure when you decide not to get back up.